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lov CcCasePriorityRef with CcCasePrioritySelector using CcCasePrioritySet {  
  label = "Priority";  
  visible = [Objstate = "New" or Objstate = "Queued"];  
  editable = [Objstate != "Queued"];   


  • Selector only supports basic fields. Badges are shown as normal text.
  • Search will only work on text attributes.

Supported Properties

  • description
  • editable
  • hidekey
  • label
  • required
  • search
  • size
  • validate
  • visible
  • freeinput
  • freeinputfield

Free Input Field

  • freeinput is a non-required Boolean that when set to true allows the user on a given LoV to choose data that isn’t on the list, e.g., if there is a list of 3000 parts, and they’re not all stored on the device, it allows the user to type in one such part. By default, the user would have to select something off the list.
  • freeinputfield specifies which field the data typed in should relate to, especially in the case of more than one key.