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IFS CRM Companion

IFS CRM Companion is designed to support both sales representatives in their day-to-day work in the field and their managers. It is fully integrated with IFS Embedded CRM solution, allowing users to keep track of Leads, Accounts, Contacts, Business Activities an Business Opportunities.

Granting Permission

To make the app available for use, a system administrator needs to grant the following permissions:

  • CRMCompanionApp1 security grant must be given from Solution Manager > Aurena Native Apps > Administration > Security Grants and Entity Filters > Security Grants by Permission Set
  • The user should be granted access to the projection CRMCompanionApp

Activate the Client

To logon to the proper IFS Applications system and use the app, enter the Server URL and then login using your user credentials with User and Password. This information should be supplied by your system administrator. Once you are logged in, the dashboard is shown. Click on one of the dashboard tiles to see all Leads, Lead Contacts, Accounts, Account Contacts, Opportunities or Activities.

Redirect URI

Redirect URI to use:

  • ifs-ifscrmcompanion://auth

Client ID to use:

  • IFS_aurena_native (this should be added if it is not registered already)

In order to setup Redirect URI, please refer to page Custom Client. Please also refer to Authentication configurations for the exact steps that must be followed to setup the redirect URI on the identity provider that is being used in your system.

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