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Ignored Error Types

There may be instances where some Aurena Native application failures are non-critical in the context that the application is used. In these cases the normal procedure would be to dismiss the error, delete the transaction and continue working. Trapping these failures would cause an unnecessary load on the administrator to process the failed transaction queues. It is therefore possible to configure filters to ignore certain types of transaction errors. All transaction failures detected that match a specific error are ignored and logged. An ignored transaction will, in contrast to a failed transaction, not cause subsequent transactions to be queued.

The Ignored Error Types screen displays the list of errors that should be ignored if an Aurena Native transaction fails on synchronizing.

When a transaction from the Aurena Native application fails manual intervention is required to resolve the failed transaction. However, by using Ignored Error Types this can be avoided. By registering the error code in the Ignored Error Types screen the system will automatically ignore any transactions sent from the Aurena Native application that result in this error code.

You can add and remove filters manually or you can automatically create an Ignored Error Type from an existing failed transaction in Failed Transactions.

The Path defines the actual error code to be ignored and the Filter Enabled field specifies whether the error code should be ignored or not. For transactions to be ignored the filter enabled field must be checked.

It is only recommended to ignore failed transactions that cannot be reprocessed as ignored transactions cannot be reprocessed in the system although the data will remain accessible in Ignored Failed Transactions.

Ignored Error Types are only used by Aurena Native applications that are defined with "Server" error handling and shown in the Applications screen.