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Rating control

A rating control allows users to view or set ratings, that indicates the satisfaction of for instance content or services.

Rating control

Figure 1 - Set or cancel a rating



When to use

Use a rating control to allow ratings on content or services. The rating can be set to have a scale of 1-10, or any defined attribute.

A rating control can be placed on a field, list or group.

How to use

Add the rating control to a field, list or group:

field <field_name> {  
    rating {  
        showlabel = true;  
        maxrating = <Attribute or Integer>  
        //e.g. - maxrating = 5; | maxrating = MyMaxRatingAttribute;<br/>    ...<br/>    }<br/>}<br/>




Below is a list of properties that can be used to customize the control.

maxrating | showlabel


This section is still under construction. The completed version will be available in IFS Applications 10 Update 6.* *

Below is an example of how a rating control is used

Rating control example

Figure 2 - New example picture of rating control code below.

Example 1 - Rating control example code here