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Reduce Number of Function Calls

Instead of using X_API.Get_Xxx several times to fetch one value at a time, the X_API.Get returns all public attributes in one call. Several function calls will quite obviously result in higher performance cost.


In the example below, the four methods of  Activity_API to retrieve individual attributes of a record could be replaced with one call to Activity_API.Get().

PROCEDURE Several_Gets (
   activity_seq_ IN NUMBER,
   contract_     IN VARCHAR2 )
   project_id_           VARCHAR2(10);
   activity_site_exist_  VARCHAR2(10);
   early_start_          DATE;
   early_finish_         DATE;
   activity_responsible_ VARCHAR2(30);
   project_id_           := Activity_API.Get_Project_Id(activity_seq_);
   activity_site_exist_  := Project_Site_API.Project_Site_Exist(project_id_, contract_);
   early_start_          := Activity_API.Get_Early_Start(activity_seq_);
   early_finish_         := Activity_API.Get_Early_Finish(activity_seq_);
   activity_responsible_ := Activity_API.Get_Activity_Responsible(activity_seq_);
   -- do something using single variables
END Several_Gets;

Replace the four calls with one Get method.

PROCEDURE Single_Get (
   activity_seq_ IN NUMBER,
   contract_     IN VARCHAR2 )
   activity_rec_         Activity_API.Public_Rec;              
   activity_site_exist_  VARCHAR2(10);
   activity_rec_         := Activity_API.Get(activity_seq_);
   activity_site_exist_  := Project_Site_API.Project_Site_Exist(activity_rec_.project_id, contract_);
   -- do something using activity_rec_
END Single_Get;