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Database Processes

The Database Processes page shows information about all Oracle server processes started from the Background Processing Functionality.

This page shows detailed information about Database Processes used by Foundation1. Important information to look for in this page is if a process is enabled or not and the status of the process. For each Database Process there is the possibility to see the log information, both regarding successful operations and errors.


Example of processes are:

Batch Queue processes

These processes are used to execute all Background Jobs. The processes are started upon activation of a Batch Queue. One Batch Queue can have one or more processes. The name of this process is Transaction_SYS.Process_All_Pending__. Example for the Default Queue - Transaction_SYS.Process_All_Pending__(0,'Default Queue','%',job_id_). Configuration of the Batch Queues is done from the Batch Queue Configuration page.

Scheduled Task process

This process checks if there are any Scheduled Database Tasks or Scheduled Database Tasks Chains that are ready to be executed. If there are any tasks to be executed, then this process submits the tasks into a Batch Queue as a Background Job. Then the respective Batch Queue process being processing of the tasks. The name of this process is Batch_SYS.Process_Batch_Schedule_. This process is managed in Configure System Parameters page.

Data Archiving process

Data Archiving process check if there are any Data Archive Orders to process. This process is called Data_Archive_Util_API.Process_Archive_. This process is managed in Configure System Parameters page.

Connectivity processes

These 2 processes handle all incoming and outgoing Connectivity messages. These processes are called Connectivity_SYS.Proecss_Inbox__ and Connectivity_SYS.Process_Outbox__.These processes are managed in Configure System Parameters page.

Replication process

This process handles Replications and it is managed in Configure System Parameters page. This process is called Replication_SYS.Process_Replication__.


To administer the Database Process, these following commands are available:


To stop a process, use the Break command. For example, to avoid having any background jobs running, Break all the Batch Queue processes.


If you want to completely Remove a process you use this menu.

Show all logs & Show error logs

These commands navigate to page which lists all logging information for the specific Database Process. The log contains both succeeded runs and failed runs. The Show Error Logs command navigates to a page which only shows failed runs.

View Background Jobs

To view the background jobs.