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Export and Migrate Configuration Data

Note: To configure Maintenix to support your version of IFS Cloud, refer to the IFS Maintenix Administration Guide for the Maintenix version in use.

Configuration data must be exported from Maintenix and migrated to IFS Cloud Allowable Configuration for users to be able to update the Maintenix configuration baseline using Allowable Configuration. Any changes made to the configuration data in Allowable Configuration must then be published to Maintenix.

Configuration data is exported from Maintenix in the form of a .csv (comma separated) file, and the same .csv file must be migrated to Allowable Configuration. This export and migration both take place as background jobs.

Follow the steps listed to successfully export and migrate the configuration data:

  1. Log in to the IFS Maintenix application, and select the drop down next to the Maintenix home button.
  2. Select References from the menu that loads, and select My User Details.
  3. Locate the Roles tab, and select the role that will carry out the task of exporting the configuration data.
  4. Click on the Permissions tab, and search for the ACTION_EXPORT_CONFIGURATION_DATA parm. Select the check-box next to the record, and click on the Enable button.
  5. After enabling the parameter, select the To-Do Lists tab on the same page, and click on the to-do list where the configuration data that you want to export is.
  6. In the to-do list, proceed to the Buttons tab, and click Assign Button. Locate the Export Configuration Data record from the list appearing. Select the check-box next to the record, and click on the Assign Selected Buttons button.
  7. Once done, select the drop down next to the Maintenix home button, and select All To-Do Lists.
  8. Locate the relevant to-do list, and click on the Export Configuration Data button. A .csv file with the configuration data will be downloaded. Contents of the exported data can be found here.
  9. In the IFS Cloud application, navigate to the Migration Job page, and search for the Group ID MIG_AC.
  10. Select the Job ID 0100_AC_DATA LOAD. Click on the Detail tab, upload the exported configuration data file, and click on Execute Job.
  11. Once done, select the Job ID 0150_AC_RUN_ALL_JOBS, select Start Job, Background, and click on Execute Job.

While migrating, the background job is displayed with the status, which transitions from Posted to Executed, and if successful, to Ready. If unsuccessful, the status will be Error and an error text will be displayed.

The same process can be used when updating the configuration baseline, in a situation where new assemblies are introduced, or to support version upgrades. Please make sure there are no active change sources that are yet to be published in the IFS Cloud application at the time of data migration, in order to avoid any data inconsistency.