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Build a build_home

To install a fresh installation of IFS Cloud or to perform an upgrade from previous release to latest IFS Cloud version, a build_home has to be available.

The creation of a build_home is handled in the build place Lifecycle Experience, and this is the normal approach.

For customers that has been granted to build manually, the script create_build_structure should be used.

Prerequisites and Settings

Make sure to read the install notes before you start. In some cases there are additional steps necessary before and/or after the installation or upgrade.

In agreement with IFS customers can be given the needed credentials to be able to download the binary artifacts using the fetch script.

Preparing a build_home

Create a build structure of the component files by running the script create_build_structure.ps1 from the components folder.

Open a PowerShell window in C:\Work\components\fndbas\build  

PS C:\Work\components\fndbas\build> .\create_build_structure.ps1 -components "C:\Work\components" -build_home "C:\Work\build_home"

Run the script ifs_fetch.cmd with the arguments "user"  "password" ifs_fetch.cmd/sh

Open a command window in C:\Work\build_home\build  

C:\Work\build_home\build>ifs_fetch.cmd --user read_user --password DeYsdfIZxjl64th7eGhfd4qKu1

Run the script ifs_build.cmd to compile all source code. (This will also generate database files to be deployed) Example1 If the build_home is to be used in an upgrade scenario then run the ifs_build.cmd with connection credentials. Example2

Open a command window in C:\Work\build_home\build  

C:\Work\build_home\build>ifs_build.cmd --userName="ifsapp" --password="password"   

The build_home is now ready to be installed as a fresh installation or for upgrade.

Using an existing fresh build_home for upgrade

When upgrading to IFS Cloud from an earlier release and have a build_home created for fresh install, then run the creation of install.tem within the build home, by calling the create-install-tem.cmd/sh script with database connection information to align the install.tem with the component status in the database to be upgraded.


C:\Work\build_home\ifsinstaller\util> create-install-tem.cmd deliveryPath="C:\Work\build_home" buildhomePath="C:\Work\build_home" userName="ifsapp" password="password"   

Note! If the build_home should be re used as a fresh install after the create-install-tem script has been run with database connection information, remove the install.ini in the build_home/database folder and run the create-install-tem script again without database connection information. This will create an install.ini and install.tem as FreshInstall.

Create build_home in Linux

All examples above are applicable for the Linux bash ( .sh ) scripts as well. To avoid execute privilege's issues start the script with a bash command

$ bash