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GIT Workflow using Source Tree

Source tree is a free GUI based GIT client which is available to be downloaded freely. The following steps can be used in Source Tree to work with the cusotmer solution repository.

  • Clone the 'customer-solution' repository

  • Create a topic branch to work with your customization development and checkout newly created topic branch.

  • Start developing customizations on your topic branch.
  • Compile and test changes locally
  • Stage your changes and then Commit.

  • Push your changes to remote branch.

Note: Before pushing the changes to the remote branch, make sure that you have pull the changes of remote Master branch to your local branch.

  • After this step, a Pull Request to the master branch (PR) can be opened in the Customer Solution Repository from the topic branch. This should be done in your Customer Solution Repository. Please refer working with pull requests for more information.