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Load File

If you are starting a file job with a client file as input, you first have to load the file into Data Migration. Use the context menu in Execute Job/Detail to load the file before starting the job. A browser-window will help you locate the file. If you have specified correct path and filename, the browser will open in this path, suggesting filename and all you have to do is to click Ok.

If you want to inspect a server file before starting the job, you can use same context menu to load this as well. In this case you will have no browse-dialog, but the file will be loaded instantly (providing server path and filename is correct).


Large files (> 500 lines) may take some time to load from Client. Consider using file location OnServer on large files. UTL_FILE loads data many times faster than the client.

Escape characters has to be properly included if column separator or string delimiter are included as data in the data file. The behavior is similar as in comma separated value files (ie CSV). For example if the String delimiter is single quotation (‘) and column separator is semicolon (;) then the escaping has to be as follows.

String Data Data with Escape characters