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Before Analyzing in IFS Update Analyzer, specify Base UPD path, Target UPD path and Modification path.

Base update path to current files on which the modification is based on
Target update path to the update that is to be upgraded
Modifications path to customization files or files which are changed
Configurations path to configurations files extracted (This is only applicable for IFS Applications 10 and earlier tracks.)

The differences between the base file and target file for each of the corresponding modification file will be checked and then the impact of each file included in the modification will be shown. All files must be inside their relevant component folder. The relative path for a file must be the same in all three locations.

Steps to Analyze Files

  1. Set the paths of Base Update, Target Update and Modifications.
  2. Press the Load button to load the files.
  3. Press the Analyze button to analyze.

File Loading

Before analyzing, the files need to be loaded. Clicking on the Load button loads all the files in the modification folder. Additional information on each file such as Relative Path, Layered, Number of Overtakes, Number of Overrides are shown.

The picture shows the quick filters and the main grid.