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Operational Reporting

Operational Reporting is about outputting information on paper or electronic documents as part of an IFS Cloud business flow. It's all about assembling, processing, formatting, archiving, and distributing data. The operational reporting framework of IFS Cloud provides support for operations such as

  • Report ordering, preview, and printing functions integrated into IFS Enterprise Explorer
  • Report and PDF Archive
  • Print job management
  • Creation and modification of report layouts using the IFS Report Designer layout tool
  • Integration capabilities with 3rd party report layout and processing tools like Crystal Reports and StreamServe
  • Electronic distribution and routing capabilities

The Operational Reporting framework consists of a number of components and concepts, many of which are described in greater detail in the different sub sections of this overview. From a high level this is how it works

  1. A Report Definition hold the logic on how to assemble the data required for a certain report, as input it can optionally take a number of report parameters.
  2. The assembled data is formatted using a Report Formatter - input would be some form of layout and a number of formatting parameters
  3. The formatted result is archived and optionally outputted either to a physical device like a printer or electronically distributed in an e-mail or some other type of electronic message.