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Installing Fresh System

Installing a complete IFS Cloud system is a task that takes careful preparation in the form of planning, preparing hardware and software, installing and finally configuring. This section of the installation guide describes the different tasks involved in setting up a complete IFS Cloud system and optionally adding additional components as a final step (i.e. things that are not handled by the standard installation flow).


  • Planning Installations
    Before starting to install IFS Cloud, there are several things to consider. This includes supported platforms and application servers, sizing, scalability, availability and more
  • Preparing Servers
    Describes how to prepare servers, install required software and make required configurations.
  • Preparing Fresh Install
    Describes how to prepare the fresh install.
  • Deploy Fresh Install
    Describes how to install/deploy IFS Cloud on the target servers.
  • Initial System Configuration
    Describes necessary system configurations that needs to be done after installation, but before starting to use the system.