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Deploy Database Objects and Import Data

When your database is prepared it is time to deploy the different objects like tables, indexes, views, package, roles etc. into the database. This also includes installation of basic data and import of data, e.g. translations.

To deploy the database objects, the IFS Cloud Installer uses the install.tem file produced in the generation/compilation of the database files. Whenever it is possible, multiple sessions in the database are started to deploy sections from the install.tem in parallel processes to speed up the deployment process.

Note: The install.tem file contain a lot of tags to control the installation process. Modifying the file might stop functionality like multiple threaded installation, logging with timestamps etc.

Some variables that are used in the process are declared in the define.tem file, please read details here.

If there are files which need to be handled manually, a log named Manual_FilesToHandle.txt placed in the <build_home>/database folder will be created containing this information. If this log exists you can suspect something is not correctly defined in deploy.ini for the owning component, or the file is not correctly located.