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Document Management (DOCMAN)

This page documents special considerations for getting the Document Management component fully working.

When to use this information:

Use this page when you have installed IFS Document Management and want to ensure that everything will work properly.

Role Scripts

This section describes pre defined roles, activities and system privileges needed for this component. Each script contains only objects handled by this component and may need to be further developed or combined with roles defined in other components to work properly, according to the need of the customer installation.

This script creates a role called DOCMAN_ADMINISTRATOR, to which the system privilege DOCMAN ADMINISTRATOR is granted. This role can be then granted to end-users who need admin rights over the application, allowing them to behave as App-Owner. Making normal users such "power users" must be done with a lot of caution.

Miscellaneous (document repositories and more)

For miscellaneous information and instructions, check out this page.

Digital Signatures

For information and instructions on how to setup digital signatures for Document Management, check out this page.