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Forward/Line Maintenance Configuration

The Forward/Line Maintenance solution includes the following IFS Cloud components:

  • Maintenix - The solution relies on an installation of Maintenix during IFS Cloud installation and co-located installation of the Maintenix and IFSApps databases. Configuration tasks for Maintenix must be complete before you do configuration tasks for Forward/Line Maintenance. See Maintenix (MXCORE).

  • Aviation Management - The web application, used by administrators to verify that information related to Forward/Line Maintenance has been migrated and synced from Maintenix, and to define settings related to the display of information for technicians. For information on setting up an administrator of Forward/Line Maintenance information, see Administrator User Requirements.

  • Mobile Forward/Line Maintenance - The mobile application, based on the Aurena Native framework, used by technicians. For information related to setting up the mobile application for mobile technicians, see IFS Mobile Forward/Line Maintenance.

  • Forward/Line Maintenance - The web application, based on the Aurena framework, used by technicians. For information related to setting up a web technician, see Web User Requirements.

To work with Forward/Line Maintenance Mobility and integrate it with Maintenix, customers with existing Maintenix records must migrate data. This is done as part of configuring Maintenix. See Migrate Maintenance Data.

During installation, the Mx_Data_Sync_Util_API package is added to Apps-Mtx IFS Packages. Depending on the order in which you install the co-located databases, you might need to apply grants to the Mx_Data_Sync_Util_API package. Refer to Apply Database Execution Grants to API Packages.

You must also configure IFS Connect for Forward/Line Maintenance Mobility. See Set up IFS Connect for Forward/Line Maintenance Mobility integration with Maintenix.

If technicians are required to sign off on deferrals, after MOC approval of a deferral request and before the fault status is set to Deferred, you must set the Defer on Approval parameter to False in Maintenix. You may skip this setting, if technicians are not required to sign for the deferral after MOC approval.

Finally, in order for a technician to be able to raise a fault from the Forward/Line Maintenance application in IFS Cloud, you must enable the Raise Fault permission for the IFS Connect role in Maintenix.