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Information Sources

This page provides configuration and administration information related to Information Sources. Use the following link Business Reporting & Analysis Services to get an overview.


  • Information Source Settings
    Detailed information about Information Source functionality settings.
  • Configure Information Sources The Information Sources page is there mainly to view metadata of existing Information Sources. It is also possible to make changes to the metadata or even to add new Information Source. Please note that modifying the metadata of an Information Source is regarded as a customization and requires actions as exporting the metadata as a file and saving it in the code repository.
  • Overview Information The page Information Source - Dimension Overviewprovides an overview of dimensions connected to an Information Source. The page can typically be used to find out which Information Sources references a specific dimension.
  • Information Sources - Logging More detailed information about logging related to Information Sources.
  • Data Mart Access
    Details how to handle Data Mart access for Information Sources
  • Custom Objects for Information Sources
    Detailed information how to add custom objects to Information Sources by means of configurations. The custom object functionality includes custom attributes for Information Sources, custom dimension connections and custom dimension LoV (List of Values).
  • Quick Information Source Drafts By using the Quick Information Source Drafts functionality it is possible to quickly create a draft of an Information Source using views in the application owner schema.
  • Access Views In order to supply a generic external read interface based on Information Sources, so called Access Views are suggested as the read interface. This subject is related to integrations.