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Analysis Models - Admin & Config Client Overview

This page provides information about available functionality in the IFS Cloud client, Aurena, supporting Tabular Models in IFS Analysis Models.

Tabular Models is in Aurena client represented by the following main areas, each area individually described.

  • Tabular Models
    Clients presenting available tabular models on overview and details level as well as a number of useful assistants.
  • Data Sources
    Clients related to Tabular Data Sources.
  • Data Loads
    Clients related to Data Load configuration and Data Load runs.
  • Logs
    The Tabular Models framework support a number of logs that can be used when investigating processing details, finding the reason for a report error etc.
  • Setup
    With setup means:

    • Setting up/defining environment parameters needed by the Tabular Models framework.
    • Setting up the the Tabular Models runtime environment.