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BR Execution Parameters

BR Execution Parameters are specific parameters that can be used to configure the execution of IFS Business Reporter reports.

These parameters can be used to tune the SQL statements that have been generated for a specific IFS Business Reporter report but also to affect the Oracle session that executes the SQL statements. The parameters can be set on three different levels:

  1. Global level
  2. Report level
  3. Data Set level

The parameters can be configured on the above levels using the following pages:

  • BR Execution Parameters Accessible from the navigator.
  • BR Report Level Execution Parameters Accessible from the navigator.
  • BR Execution Parameters for Data Set Accessible from the BR Report Level Execution Parameters page.

The BR Execution Parameters configure the report execution using the following methods:

  • Oracle Session Parameters A few Oracle sessions specific parameters are supported and they are used according to their intended and documented behavior. At the start of each level, the Oracle session parameters are set based on the execution parameters for that level. At the end of the report execution the Oracle¬†session parameters are set back to the original values which were there before the start of the report execution.
  • Oracle Hints Oracle hints are added to the SQL statement.
  • BR Specific Implementations Corresponds to execution parameters that control specific behavior.