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Base Server Development

The Base Server Development Guide includes the details of how to create PL/SQL based business logic for IFS Cloud. The guide is intended to be used as a reference guide. For individuals looking for more detailed guidance on development, then this will be provided as videos on the Development Recording site (IFS internal).

Like all development processes, developing in IFS Cloud is an iterative process. The development process is model driven and code generation is a central part of the process. Individuals should thoroughly familiarize themselves with the Development Concepts related to IFS Cloud development, before engaging in any actual development.

Development's are driven from IFS Developer Studio, this is an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) that supports modeling, code generation, editing/writing and the implementation code, as well as deployment and testing. Modeling is the first step in the development process so this should be the initial place to read. In most cases IFS Cloud development is done by a team of developers. When this is the case, a centralized team development environment, including both a database and an application server, is used. IFS Consulting projects use only a centralized team environment, thus developers do not have their own local development environment. IFS R&D projects use a centralized team environment and, in these circumstances, often developers can access their own local development environment. By using centralized team environments it enables multiple developers to test against each others code and perform integration testing.

Note: In an IFS Cloud database, no other application is allowed to be installed.

If individuals are going to develop customizations, then it is strongly recommended that both the Developing in Code Layers and Code Layers concept documents should be read. Layers are essential to customization development since it developed in a separate layer to ensure a smooth support and upgrade process.