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Business Process Automation

This guide builds on the introduction to Workflows, found within the Business Process Automation Platform Overview. This Tailoring Guide to Business Process Automation builds on the overview providing foundational information about the underlying architecture, materials, and process for interfacing with, and building new Workflows. The intended recipient for this document is both the technical end-user as well as the administrator of the system.

Benefits of using Workflows

1. Eliminates manual “paper” work

Low-value and repetitive manual tasks can be eliminated by automating steps using a Workflow. This frees users to do activities with more value to the business.

2. Reducing the time required to complete activities

Automating manual steps can reduce the time needed to complete activities. This in turn increases both user and customer satisfaction.

3.Increases Implementation Quality

Automation can help reduce the possibility of human errors in the business process. In turn, the implementation quality will be increased.

4. Increases business agility

Business processes can be configured by changing the way the system performs activities or by creating new behaviors.