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IFS Financial Connector

This page describes the solution called the IFS Financials Connector.

In the extended enterprise, flexible and straightforward ways of connecting and integrating businesses over the Internet is crucial. The integration could be,

  • Business to Business
  • Application to Application
  • Outside the Enterprise
  • Across and Down the Enterprise (Distributed Installation)

IFS Financials must enable customers to leverage the power and flexibility of XML/JSON to integrate their business processes, whether it is externally with their customers, partners and suppliers, or internally, for enhanced efficiency.

The Financial Connector will do this by adding interfaces for the needed business documents such as supplier invoices, journals and synchronization of suppliers, chart of accounts and exchange rates.

The solution is based on exchanging XML/JSON documents but it will also be possible to send information in other formats and have them transformed to XML/JSON. The solution will also be neutral of the way the document is transported, it could e.g. be sent over Http, by mail or with MQ Series. This will enable only one entry point to IFS Financials. For the customer the time needed to set up and maintain end-to-end processes will be significantly reduced.

The Financial Connector will support integration messages defined by the Open Application Group. By using their definition, integration can be built on a common model and therefore make it easy to establish an end-to-end business process integration between IFS and other ERP systems.

The Financial Connector is used to facilitate the integration of financial information between IFS Cloud and a 3rd party financial system.

The Financial Connector consists of a number of sub processes,

  • Send Supplier Invoice
  • Send Customer Invoice
  • Send Voucher
  • Receive Supplier Info
  • Receive Customer Info
  • Receive Currency Rate
  • Receive Account
  • Receive Code Part

The above processes make it possible to integrate to another financial system.

The scenario is that the other financial system has the General Ledger and the Payables application and is the owner of the basic data.

The Financial Connector communicates with the 3rd party system by exchanging well defined xml files. The Financial Connector has support for the open standard supplied by Open Application Group (OAG). The Financial Connector supports the 7.2 and the 8.0 versions of the OAG standard,

OAG8.0 Sub Process
OAG7.2 Sub Process

Use this page when you want to learn more about the IFS Financial Connector.


The following information has been packed together as zip files,

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